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7 January 1982
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Before we begin, let me just say that every icon in my journal was made by me, unless otherwise noted. DO NOT STEAL! If you want something, ask. Chances are I'll say yes, depending on the icon. Thievery makes me get irked, so please be considerate. Now then...

Wow, time flies and before you know it the bio page is sorely outdated. Lets try for more general things here. Hi! I've been known online as Ichiban Victory for quite a while now, but most of my friends call me Diane since that's an actual name. ^_- I have rather eclectic tastes so don't be surprised if my ramblings here don't seem to have any relation to each other at all. Just to cover a few:

Anime - I do watch and like SOME anime series, but not most. I'm really picky about what I will watch. Longtime favorites are Slayers, Record of Lodoss War, and the original few seasons of Pokémon (dubbed). More current favorites are...Twelve Kingdoms, Read Or Die (the OAV and television series) and that's mostly it. I do tend to prefer the subbed version, but I do watch and enjoy dubbed anime at times.

Art - I am an artist, but not an amazing one. Drawing is more of a hobby than anything. My real passion is in creating 3D art. I have experience making jewelry and sculpting, but anymore I mostly sew dolls and the like. Speaking of dolls and the like, I'm finally selling my own fantasy creature plushies on Etsy:

Animals - Since I do tend to draw and such, animals are my main focus. I've always had a soft spot for animals of all kinds, but even those I don't necessarily have warm fuzzies for are given some respect. I think it's cruel for anyone to abuse an animal or even joke in such a way. I also believe they're more intelligent than we give them credit for.

Books - I like to read, but as with anything else, I'm very choosy on what I will read. Just because it's the latest and greatest of the literary world does not mean I'll read it. (Just because it worked with Harry Potter does not mean I have to ever give Twilight the time of day.)

Dungeons and Dragons - Do I play D&D? You better believe it! I've been playing it for a long time now and enjoy it a great deal. It's a great way to socialize with friends yet have something fun to do that doesn't break the bank. Trust me, I have other hobbies that do that...

Religion - I am and have been religious for a long time now (ha! All my life, how's that) and I'm not about to change. I have been raised to respect others so chances are if you respect me for who I am, I will in turn do the same. I do believe in live and let live. ^_-

Video Games - Lets just say I've been playing since the days of the NES (although I started on a TI and later an Amiga) and I've played every Nintendo console and handheld since then. I am a huge Nintendo fan since they've always focused more on including everyone in the fun, not just focusing on teen guys since they're the only ones who play video games. Obviously. :P Anyway, while I do play RPGs, I really prefer adventure games. I'm a huge fan of the Mario, Zelda and Metroid games.

Writing - You know, writing was something I never enjoyed at all while going through public school. Now that that's long since passed, I've come to see that writing is a great deal of fun. I don't write often, but every so often I'll post up fanfics, character backgrounds, but mostly just accountings on things that amuse me in life.

So that's that. ^_^