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17 October 2016 @ 11:15 am
Little protector...  
Well, the storm they doomed and gloomed about turned out to be mostly nothing. Sure, there were a few downed trees (including a tree in my parents' flower bed, so now my mom grieves its loss), and at least one casualty (NEVER go outside near trees in a windstorm!), and a truck had its cab crushed in by a falling tree (and yet, the driver walked away without injury), but overall, not worth all of the hype the media had for it. Oh well. I guess we'll be stocked and prepared for any future storms, which will happen eventually, since this is just the beginning for us.

In any case, I didn't want to take any chances with working on the Milgasia plush prototype in case we did lose power, so what better way to spend a Monday morning?

 photo milgasia_plush_01_zpsk9hx2pzu.jpg

I'm honestly surprised every aspect of the test pattern worked out, from his too skinny tail tip, to his horns. I must finally be learning!

 photo milgasia_plush_02_zpsybs2l9mp.jpg

And now I realize I forgot to stitch in his nostrils! Easy enough to fix, but it will have to wait, since the bitty baby boy is awake from his nap, and wailing to be rescued from his crib. Duty calls! For now, Milgasia shall protect my bookshelf.
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