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21 July 2013 @ 12:29 am
Blink, and its gone...  
Why aren't I in bed?! Oh, that's right, because CREATIVE SURGE!

The other day I got an order for a Displacer Beast, then the next morning I got another order for a Displacer Beast, so Displacer Beasts have been on the brain. They actually came together a lot faster than normal (proof I am bonding with my new sewing machine at last), and then it was a very slow day at work today (allowing me time to do a rough sketch pattern idea), so…

Cue the Displacer Beast's natural enemy!

 photo blink_dog_zps8b8485bf.jpg

If you don't play D&D, or were never in the habit of reading the Monster Manual, that would be the Blink Dog. Like the Displacer Beast, it can be hard to determine its location due to…well, blinking. Or, short-distance teleportation. I'm assuming it uses its tracking abilities to determine a Displacer Beast's location, and unlike in the picture, travels in a pack for taking down its foe.

In any case, I've been wanting to make a Blink Dog for a while, go figure the test pattern turned out so well! I may shorten its neck a tad though, so it doesn't resemble a deer so much. That, and I ought to visit the local craft store to see if there's a better shade of brown to use. This one is too light for my liking, since I use it as a flesh tone for other critters, it looks like someone shaved the poor Blink Dog!

I might try out the amber eyes next time, too, although I sort of like the blue eyes. :D

In other news, Disney recently (FINALLY) released the second-half of season two of Gargoyles, but ONLY for Disney Movie Club members. This prompted me to finally join since I've been waiting for the latter-half of season two for years, so I've been marathoning it for the past few days. Even though they basically slapped a cover on a DVD case and crammed three DVDs onto the same peg (why??), the quality of the show is fine, and there is zero editing! Color me a happy fan.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to read through the comics again, as they take place right after season two. Let us never speak of season three! ;) (Okay, we can, but I never saw all of the episodes, and they were very different. Greg Weisman wasn't involved, it wasn't a true season of Gargoyles, blah blah blah.)
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